Digital Personal Training Apps

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Everyone should have a personal trainer.

At GAIN, we believe personal trainers are the most effective way to get and stay fit.
But they aren't always accessible or affordable to everyone.

We use the latest technologies and best design methods to create products that enable trainers to scale their expertise, improve client relationships, and drive better results, across a larger client base.

Benefits for Trainers

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Train clients remotely.

Easily program workouts for your clients to perform on off days.

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Retain clients longer.

More consistent training means better results and client retention.

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Earn more income.

Offer new packages and price points to serve more clients' needs.

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Grow your client base.

Take on more price sensitive clients, or maintain clients who have moved.

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Get new client referrals.

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Our Story

We set out to create the best, most customizable mobile workout app for anyone to guide and track their progress anytime, anywhere.

2 million downloads and 10 training styles later, we learned that what most people really need is the motivation and accountability to stick with it.

After interviewing hundreds of personal trainers across 10 cities, and adding serveral certified trainers to our team, we built the best trainer app for workout programming, client motivation and accountability.

Built by trainers, for trainers.

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App for Trainers

App for Clients

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Our Exercise Library

  • 1,600+ Exercises

    Functional, bodybuilding, sport-specific, Pilates, yoga, cardio, corrective and more.

  • 60+ Equipment types

    Freeweights, strength & cardio machines, kettlebells, TRX, foam rollers and more.

  • Quality Fitness Instruction

    Exercises cued and demonstrated by certified trainers and/or fitness models.

  • Pro Grade Content

    GIF's and audio shot and recorded by professionals in a studio environment.

  • Powerful Search Experience

    Find exercises by name, equipment, modality, bodypart or movement pattern.

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GAIN grows with your business.

As you add more clients to GAIN, the cost of each client goes down.

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