Everyone should have a personal trainer.

Personal trainers & mobile apps to guide your fitness progress.

Get a Personal Trainer

We'll handpick the perfect trainer for you.

  • Meet your trainer in-person every month.
  • Receive a dynamically tailored workout plan.
  • Stay accountable to your trainer 24/7.
  • Get constant motivation, support & guidance.
  • Starting at $109 per month.
Self-Guided Workout Apps

Guide & track workouts anytime, anywhere.

  • Choose from 10 different training styles -– from bodybuilding to yoga, CrossFit to Pilates.
  • Follow expert designed workouts on your iPhone.
  • Customize based on your goals & schedule.
  • Audio-visual instruction for over 2,000 exercises.
  • Free to download, premium upgrades available.

Tools for Trainers

GAIN for Trainers is the best online training on the market.

10 Million Workouts Strong

Our self-guided workout apps have helped over 1 million people work towards achieving a wide range fitness goals, from weight loss to muscle gain, flexibility to injury recovery.

Award-Winning Mobile Experience

"GAIN’s workout apps are the simplest and most intuitive to use. I’ve tried all the different fitness apps on the market -– Fitocracy, DailyBurn, Nike Training Club, etc. -– and GAIN’s are the only ones to fully capture the nuances of gym training."

-– Ebun, gym owner & fitness entrepreneur

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Li L., Client in Cupertino
I am into my 5th month with GAIN Hybrid training, and I absolutely love it. It has very much changed the way I exercise/live/sleep. In 2015, I'll cancel my gym but stay with GAIN! I plan to work out at my new home living room with guidance from my great coach!
Brent H., Client in San Francisco
LOVE IT!! I joined GAIN Fitness a few months ago and have really enjoyed the experience. Pleasantly surprised by how effective the trainer has been in getting me to workout more often and at higher intensity. Also keeps things fresh and interesting.
Katie C., Client in Manhattan
Through GAIN's service I'm able to meet with my trainer (Erin, she's amazing) once a month AND get a month of custom workouts. Erin has made working out so fun, educational, and convenient that it's pretty tough to ever justify missing a workout.